Thank you for visiting our website. Our goal is to be as open and straight-forward as possible in describing our web page content and privacy policies.

Information We Collect

The hpntech.com website pages are mainly informational with static content. We do not collect personal information other than that which is supplied to us by your browser and saved by our third party hosting company in our webserver's log files (for example, device and browser information, dates/times of access, IP address, web pages accessed). These are standard webserver log files. The information in these log files may be used by us to assist with our web design efforts and gain an understanding as to how our website is being used. We do not currently have any expiration date policy for disposing of these log files; however, our current practice is, after about a month or two, to remove all logfile information except counts of which of our web pages were accessed and save only that information on a monthly basis.


Cookies are text files saved on your computer by web pages. While most of our web pages are static and do not need to make use of cookies, we do reserve the right to create and use cookies if it may be useful for us to do so, for example in maintaining certain page state information.

Sharing Infomation

We may need to share collected information with third parties if we believe we are legally required to do so.

"Do Not Track" Signals

Currently our web pages do not take any special action on browser "do not track" signals.

Use of Third Parties

Like many small businesses, our website is hosted by a third party web hosting company whose reliability, security, and privacy policies are beyond our control.

Website Information

While we try our best to keep our web pages accurate and error-free, we cannot absolutely assure the complete accuracy or completeness of information on our site.

External Links

The site may contain external links to websites other than our own. These external websites and the information contained in them are not under our control and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information, reliability, security, or privacy policies of these websites.

Contact Information

Please do feel free to contact us at support@hpntech.com if you have any questions.

Last updated November 6, 2015.